What’s in your Memory Bank?






We all have certain dates that will forever live on in our memories like it was yesterday.  Above are the 5 dates that make up my memory bank and have forever changed me.

2-14-03   The day I married my soul mate.  It had been a long time coming and not an easy journey to get there.  Ryan & I met when we were in high school.  He was beginning his junior year & I was beginning my senior year.  So stop and think about all you go through in your life during the years leading up to getting married.  For us~ graduating high school, college, establishing yourself in your career, and becoming an adult.  I look back and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed our journey because without any of the challenges we went through (and overcame) to get to this wonderful and beautiful moment, we would of never been us.

4-20-04  The day our daughter was born.  It was the most calm and amazing day.  Not many first-time moms would use the word calm to describe their first experience with childbirth.  How could I?  It’s called a scheduled induction and pain medication!  None the less, it was the day that Ryan and I were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl and became a family.

3-23-06  The day our son was born.  Now this time around it can only be described as pure chaos!  But in the end we had a handsome and healthy baby boy.  Going from 1-2 children and think “How in the world can I possibly love both of my children the same?”  That’s the amazing thing about parenthood~ your heart continues to grow with each child.

12-21-08  The day our family was complete.  It was the day we were blessed with our beautiful and healthy baby girl.  We had officially shocked our family and friends with the decision to have 3 children.  They thought were we absolutely crazy!  But for us family was everything.  We were a team~ Team Sporka.

3-22-10  The day our Team lost it’s captain.  The day I never was prepared to go through until many years later.  The love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate, my babies’ father died unexpectedly.  This was NOT the plan!  How the hell was I going to go on without him?  My babies.  THEY were the ones who were going to help me become the sole captain of our team.

Think about the significant dates in your memory bank?  I’m sure there is that one date that stands out to you.  It is that one date in time that made you become the captain of your life.

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