Life According to Tiki



My youngest turned 5 on Dec. 21st.  A “whole hand old” as she would put it. Gracie, by far, out of all 3 of my children is the most animated.  She truly enjoys life!  She is usually happy and just will go with the flow.  But if she doesn’t like something watch out!  So what is life about in her eyes?  It’s very simple….

1.  Dress how you want and own it!

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like or what the plan of the day…Gracie is going to wear a tutu or a dress.  The more sparkles the better!  She loves her pink and purple.  She has her own sense of style and if you don’t like too bad!  I truly LOVE this about her!  I hope she continues to have her own style and not worry what others think about it.



2.  Princesses rule but they don’t always need a prince to save them.

Yes, like many little girls, Gracie LOVES her princesses.  She loves Arielle, Belle, Rapunzel, Sofia the 1st, Merida, and just added Anna & Elsa from Frozen.  She is just starting to see how some of them “love” a boy and will have them go on dates, get married, etc.  But she often talks more about the strong ones especially Elsa from Frozen.  I am grateful to the new way princesses are now portrayed ~ true love doesn’t always come from a prince.  Sometimes it comes from family or within yourself.  What a great message!  Her birthday wish since she was 3~ “I want to grow up to be a princess”.  You ask her if she wants to get married and depending on the day, her answer is always “No, I don’t need to.”

Gracie as Glinda

3.  Be nice and if someone is not being nice just walk away.

Weekly picnics

Gracie is blessed to go to, in my opinion, the BEST preschool in the world!  Gracie knows how to treat others.  I have instilled in all of my children to treat others kindly and to be a good friend.  Her preschool reinforces this daily and has taught her something I always had trouble explaining to her.  I always found it hard to explain to them what to do when someone treats them unkind. Gracie has actually taught all of us that “if someone is mean to you, just walk away”.  During our weekly living room picnics we always talk about her morning at school and a few times she will say that someone wasn’t being nice to her or to one of her friends.  I asked her what she does when it happens and she simply said “walk away”. I looked at her and was amazed at how simple her response.  She went on to say that she uses her words and will try to let the other person know how it makes her or a friend feel and offer another solution.  But she said if “they don’t listen, I walk away”. So simple yet so powerful.

4.   Don’t be afraid ~ just do it!

Gracie is not afraid of anything!  Yes she is afraid to sleep alone all night and to go upstairs at night without the hall light on~ ummmm so am I!  But she truly is not afraid.  We recently went to Disney World.  This girl played with the big kids and made this momma go on rides I truly was afraid to try.  Her favorite was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  She wasn’t sure when we first got on but after the ride ended, she screamed “Again! Again!”.  She rode Test Track and if I would have let her, she probably would have rode Everest.  She went down what we named “The Jib Jab” waterslide at The Beach Club numerous times with the big kids. She doesn’t let her size, her age, nothing stop her.

"I got this"

5.  Just have FUN!

Every day she laughs.  Every day she smiles.  Every day she dances.  It can be raining out, she could be sick, or plans get cancelled and Gracie will always find something that makes her day fun.  I love this quality.  I love that she can be disappointed one minute but get over it and enjoy the moment.  She sometimes has to remind her older brother and sister to “deal with it”, move on, and just have fun because complaining about it will not change a thing.

Enjoying Life


I think life through her eyes is simple and beautiful.  To her, life is simple.  It’s not about the to-do lists.  It’s not about always having to go here or there.  Life through her eyes is about enjoying the moment even if the moment isn’t what you planned.




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