Being stuck in the house due to extreme cold and snow lately got me thinking about how my life is just one big “Seriously?” moment.  Having children makes daily life tiring but full of some much needed comic relief.  So here are some of my “Seriously?!??” moments…

1.  I have serious discussions on why wearing underwear to school is important.

2.  I have argued about the existence of bigfoot.

3.  I can recite “Goodnight Moon” from cover to cover.

4.  I can rub 2 children’s backs while they simultaneously vomit in buckets on either side of me.

5.  I can tolerate the sight of blood unless it is from my child’s head.  Therefore I lay on the floor and call my in-laws to come and tend to the wound.

6.  I can sing the theme songs to most of my children’s favorite shows.

7.  I anticipated the episode of Good Luck Charlie where Teddy and Spencer broke up.  I even got a little teary-eyed.  And for the record, when the show ends this season I strongly feel they need to get back together!

8.  I have had numerous conversations regarding Teen Beach Movie and watched it too many times than I care to admit.

9.  I look forward to new kid movies more than my own kids.

10. I have tricked my son into using my back as a race track with his cars because I needed a back rub.

11. I have hidden (and eaten) my children’s candy from Halloween & Easter.

12. My favorite time of the day is 8:00pm~ bedtime for the kids!

13. I use the cart when I go into the liquor store.

14.  My youngest daughter, at the young age of 4, told the cashier when I was asked if I wanted a box or bag for my wine purchase very proudly “We will take a box!”

15. I can spy a “pee pee dance” a mile away.

16. I have uttered these words more than I care to admit “No peeper tug of war!”

17. I survived a summer of my son (age 2) refusing to wear pants.  Oh the blackmail pictures I have!!!

18. I can multi-task like it’s no one’s business while driving long distances~ feed an infant (as a passenger), hold a vomit bag, pass back snacks, locate lost stuffys, etc.

19. I have started a sentence with “When I was a kid…”more than I care to admit.

20. I have watched a show on Disney without my kids in the room or even awake.

21. They know me at McDonald’s and the pizza delivery guy and I are on a 1st name basis.  My kids find this extremely hilarious!

22. My ideal Friday/Saturday night is pizza, wine, and my couch.

23. I have “those kids”~ smelly, poor hygiene, and have stood over them numerous times as they fixed the “issue”.

24. My daily conversations involve bodily functions and many times my maturity level drops as I find humor in them.

25. The sound of my kids’ and their friends’ laughter can make my day.


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