Thank You Thirty-One

In February of 2012 I was invited to a friend’s Thirty-One Party.  Never heard of it and since I hadn’t been to a “home show” in ages and just wanted to have some much needed ME Time I went.  I missed the “presentation” because of an activity one of my children had so by the time I got there everyone was chatting and products were just out for us.  Immediately my eye was drawn to this purse.  I must have went over to it and picked it up about 5x’s before deciding I was going to purchase it.  This purse belonged to the consultant and I felt horrible that I kept picking it up and looking it.  Of course she didn’t mind at all.  Then I went to “check out” and I had the purse and a cosmetic bag.  The consultant looked at me and said how she was sorry but the cosmetic bag was for hostesses only.  So since I missed the presentation I had no clue what that meant.  After she explained it to me and falling in love with a lot more than I thought, I agreed to host my own party.  Hey~ another excuse for some ME time!

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So March came and I had close to 15+ people at my home.  We were laughing and pretty much took over the show.  Products were flying everywhere and the consultant actually said how it was the messiest party she had ever had and the most fun.  I had earned over $250 in FREE products, 3 products at 1/2 price, and 3 Hostess Exclusives for FREE!  I was so so excited!!!!  As I was picking out my goodies, I kept thinking to myself I should sell this stuff.  I mean my party was fun, the consultant really didn’t have to do too much talking(that was the one thing that was holding me back).  I kept thinking Can I really do this?  How am I going to do this?  I can’t sell.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I couldn’t stop thinking how it was so out of my comfort zone and would I truly keep up with it.  After a few days of non-stop thinking about it, I contacted the consultant and just said I am going for it!  I had nothing to lose only things to gain.  I was in charge of what this journey would become.  So I was the only one who could put pressure on myself.

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It was like Christmas morning when the infamous PINK BOX came to my door!!!!  I got so excited over the enrollment kit and all the business supplies….so ridiculous I know.  But I was just so excited to give it a shot!  I had discovered how Thirty-One was based on Proverbs 31:

The name Thirty-One comes from the verses of Proverbs 31. The Proverbs 31 woman is dearly loved
and respected by her family, yet she is an individual in her own right. She manages her home and
property with kindness and integrity. Her savvy business skills are partly brought about by her desire to
serve others, to do good deeds, and to prosper.

The company’s motto is CER~ Celebrate Encourage Reward.  So our goal is to do just that with our hostesses and customers.  They encourage us to know and share our WHY with our customers.  So before I could even start to share with friends my excitement of starting this journey, I had to figure out my why.  It really wasn’t that hard for me to come up with it.  It was very clear and very honest.  My WHY was simply to find me again.  I needed to do something for myself so I could be a better mom to my children.  I needed to find myself again so I could begin the long process of healing after losing my husband.  I needed a new me.  So I simply sent out an email to my friends and shared my WHY and asked them if they would be willing to help me start my journey.  Within 2 hours of the email being sent, I had 6 parties scheduled!  So my journey to find me again began April 2012.

I never set out to do anything more than to get out 2x’s each month.  I never set out to build a team.  Honestly I never knew how easy it was and how rewarding it was to do so.  But somehow after 7-8 months I was promoted to Senior Consultant and had 3 girls on my downline.  By April 2013 I promoted to Director and had a team of 5 fabulous girls.  Last summer I traveled for the first time without my children to Atlanta for our National Conference.  I walked across the stage in front of 1000’s of other Thirty-One Sisters!  I even had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Founder & CEO, Cindy Monroe!  ME!!!  If you would have asked me 3 years ago if I ever would of thought I would be more than a mom, the answer would have been NO!

NC '13 Awards - A1 - II-458-L

This April will be my 2nd anniversary with Thirty-One.  My team is small in comparison to others~ 14 of us.  It is hard for me to truly explain what Thirty-One has done for me.  It has allowed me to meet so many wonderful friends.  It has allowed me to have a purpose other than my children.  It has allowed me to feel proud of myself and to believe in myself.  It has allowed me to do the same for other wonderful women.  It has allowed me to take my children to Disney.  It allows me to pay for my children’s activities like football and dance.  It has done all of this and more.

I don’t know where this will go.  I would love to keep sharing this amazing journey with others and keep setting goals for myself to do more with the company.  I will forever be grateful to this company for the opportunities it has given me and for helping this mom find herself again.

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