Oh Pinterest

Oh Pinterest how I love and hate thee…

I am not going to try and deny it.  I am going to own it right here….I AM ADDICTED TO PINTEREST!  I absolutely can spend hours on there (and I have).  Where else can you find ideas about crafts for your kids and crafts to make out of your wine corks on one site?  Where else can you find tips to remodel a bathroom and decorating ideas?  Where else can you find outfits already picked out for you all the way down to the shoes?  Where else can you go and find the right quote that describes just how grateful you are to just how plain irritated you are? Where else can you find things you THINK you can do and fail miserably at trying to do it?


I have had successes with a lot of things I have “pinned” onto my variety of boards.  I created a nice little framed picture for the house.  I have used some of the gift ideas for teachers.  I have had success with some of the recipes as well.  By far my greatest Pinterest success was learning how and actually removing wallpaper from my kitchen.  I’m telling you the pin I found on a do it yourself solution was fantastic!  Here are a few of my successes~

My kitchen project this past fall~


Recipes gone right~



BUT Pinterest, oh pinterest WHY?  Why do you make something look so easy when really it’s not?  I have attempted to recreate some handmade ornaments that I found during a search under “Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids”.  I’m here to tell you there was nothing easy about some of them and the ones that they claimed would provide “hours and hours of fun” for your children were lies!  Lies I tell you!  And it’s not just the hands on ideas that are misleading but some of the recipes as well.  Just the other night I attempted to make (can’t believe I am admitting this) Cheeseburger Calzone for my picky eater.  Mine did not look anything like the end result I pinned.  It looked more like I just slopped it together.

Holiday Ornaments gone wrong (these are the only 2 picture worthy)~

Ornament gone wrongDid NOT provide hours of entertainment

These didn’t resemble snowmen or reindeer on Christmas morning but I get an A for effort!


Will these failures stop me from my pinning addiction?  Absolutely not!  It’s a nice little escape from reality.  It’s informative and is a great resource.  But mostly it is just fun!  I am currently redecorating my house in my mind…thank you Pinterest!

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