Our “Fur Babies”

Up until now I have blogged about my children and myself.  I have shared my love of my children.  But I haven’t discussed my other children or what pet lovers like to refer to them as “fur babies”.  We had fish (several) and I had my cat until he passed away…Kimba or as Hunter lovingly called him “B”.  But once “B” passed away, I always found excuses for being “fur baby” free. We are blessed to have 3 of the most amazing fur babies (all under the age of 4).  They have the best personalities and truly are part of our family.    We have 2 cats and 1 puppy.  Yes, I am crazy!

November07 015Ella and Hunter with Kimba

I have shared before how Ella is truly an animal lover.  I have told her that she has an amazing gift.  I feel she needs to work with animals when she gets older.  Ella struggled to sleep alone from the age of 2.  Actually all of my children have had sleep issues.  I see a future post here!  Anyway, to help her stay in her room all night, we made a contract.  If she slept in her room for a month straight, she would be able to get a kitten.  Well she did!  So on Halloween in 2010, we drove around searching for a kitten to adopt. Every shelter we went to only had older cats and she had her heart set on a kitten.  So we ended up in a pet store and there were 3 calico kittens.  We found our Lily!  From the moment we brought her home, she meshed with our family.  She was always where we were and so friendly to outsiders.  Lily had to deal with an 18 month old who would pull her tail and grab her fur.  Not once did she ever hiss or swat.  Lily just belonged with us.


About a year and half later, an acquaintance of mine was fostering a pregnant cat.  The cat had beautiful tuxedo kittens.  She had posted on Facebook that she had 2 kittens left that needed to find homes.  Well in a moment of weakness, I messaged her and I surprised the kids on a Monday morning.  We went to their home and got to hang out with the kittens.  Thankfully the 2nd kitten was already claimed or I probably would have brought them both home!  We found our Summer!  Summer’s original name was “Beard” because on her chin, the coloring of her fur looked like she had a beard.  Summer is by far the neatest cat.  She loves people.  She loves her belly rubbed.  She loves to lay around with someone.  Summer is just fun!


Ella has always wanted a dog.  She asked for one from the moment she knew what a dog was.  My issue….Sporka Dogs are outside dogs.  They are hunting dogs.  They are smelly dogs.  They are great dogs but not the type of dog to have when you have 3 small children and are a single parent.  I kept reminding Ella how we had 2 amazing cats that pretty much acted like dogs.  She would go in spurts with nagging, pleading, and arguing her case as to why we needed a dog.  I thought I had bought some time when our closest friends got a puppy.  They would actually call Ella up to come over and play with Bolt.  Ella had a way of getting Bolt worn out.  It was a fabulous situation….Ella got to play with a puppy but come home to a puppy-free home.  Until….

April 24, 2013…4 days after her 9th birthday.  I received a text from Bolt’s mommy that simply said “I found YOUR dog!” with a picture of a white ball of fur.  I am looking at the text and before I could respond, another text “get here NOW”.  Seriously!  We both had to be at kindergarten pick up in an hour.  So being the amazing friend that she is, she put our dog on hold!  So after seeing more and more pictures of this white cutie and hearing how she  didn’t nip and she wouldn’t get much bigger, took Hunter & Gracie to go and see our dog.  Well you know what happened….we found our Mazy!


I never saw 3 fur babies in my life.  I knew I would have a cat and eventually cave and get a dog.  But I honestly can’t see our lives without these fur babies.  Lily sleeps with Hunter every night and even waits for him.  Summer sleeps with Ella every night.  And Mazy sleeps with me and Gracie.  Yes Gracie ends up in my bed.  I told you my kids have sleeping issues!  Our fur babies just have a way of making the most terrible day less terrible.  They have a way of knowing when we need a little cuddling.  They are our babies and part of our family.  They have helped us to heal and to accept our new life as Team Sporka.  They may drive me crazy and follow ME everywhere but I love them just as much if not more than my kids’ do.  So thank you to our “fur babies” for making our family experience joy and pure happiness again.

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