Loving Facetime

As much as I am technologically challenged and I get easily frustrated by technology, I love learning about it and experiencing it through my kids!  We have had a true winter here in Pennsylvania which means days stuck at home as well as sick days from school.  So “in the old days” as my kids like to refer to my youth, you would have to wait to see your friends or be lucky to talk on the phone with them.  But with today’s technology…wow!  I am truly blown away and actually enjoying it!

FaceTime…wow!  That is truly all I can say. I KNOW I am late on the whole facetime thing.  But remember I have younger children.  But they have discovered it and it truly is amazing.  Gracie has virtual play dates on snow days!  She will facetime her best friend and they will “play”.  Seriously…play.  They play dolls, have tea parties, sing a longs, etc.  It brings a smile to my face listening to them.  They are not sitting there like zombies.  They are playing like they were together in the same room!  They were both sick this week and would facetime each other to see how they were feeling….so cute!

Hunter is experiencing New York City for the very 1st time this weekend.  He got to go with his best friend and his dad into the city and do all things Superbowl….how cool!!!!  YES I am extremely jealous!  But he facetimed me from the bus ride and from the hotel room.  I got pictures sent to me.  It was almost like being there!

1610108_10201722930250793_1159095135_nExperiencing NYC on Superbowl Weekend 2014

Now I am not saying that Facetime is better than true interaction.  But I love how it enables them and me to participate in things that normally I wouldn’t be able to.  It allows me to be in 2 places at once and for me that is a beautiful thing!

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