Had a Bad Day

Did you ever have one of those days where you feel like you are failing?  Failing at everything you are trying to accomplish on that particular day?  Today was one of those days.

I felt like I failed at teaching my children to appreciate what they have in their life.  It was a battle all day with them.  I was trying to get things for a school event and the entire time, they complained.  They complained that we weren’t at home.  They complained that we had to go into another store.  They complained that they had to run the errands with me.  They just complained about everything that didn’t have anything to do with them.

I felt like I failed at being patient with my children all day.  I yelled-a lot!  I had absolutely no patience with them.  I lost my patience because they wanted lunch and I had to switch out a load of laundry.  How could they be hungry already?  Ridiculous I know.  I lost my patience when they didn’t clean their rooms how I would do it.  I lost my patience when they just wanted to play and not help out around the house.  I just had no patience for being patient with them.

I had my 5 yr. old giving me a look like she wanted to hurt me. You do NOT mess with the “Tiki” when she is in a bad mood.  I had my 7 yr. old talking my ear off over football and how hungry he was but didn’t want anything that was in the house to eat.  I had my 9 yr. old just give me the glazed over look and I am pretty sure she wasn’t thinking how pretty I looked in my pink sweater.  I had my 40 yr. old self looking at my kids with a look of crazy and I was mumbling under my breath like I was 12 yr. old.  Good times!

So I yelled a lot today.  It happens.  I am still a good mom.  So my kids were (and so was I), dare I say, a little “bratty” today.  They are entitled to one day (so am I). They are still pretty amazing kids!  Did I fail them?  Did they fail me?  No… we just all around had a bad day.  At the end of the day, we know we aren’t perfect but we love each other anyway.  One bad day doesn’t make any of us a failure.  It’s just a bad day.  So as my comic relief son would sing….

2 thoughts on “Had a Bad Day

  1. You are a wonderful mom. Actually an incredible mom and dad! And they are a wonderful gang. I personally would have loved it, if you posted the chipmunk version. 🙂

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