Snow Days, Glorious Snow Days


Snows Days can be fun and for the first time in a LONG time, my kids are experiencing them.  But let’s admit, as parents, it isn’t as fun. You are housebound with the kids who are starting to get on each others’ nerves and know exactly how to push their brother or sister’s buttons.  All the while, you are trying to get things done and if you work from home, trying to continue to work and keep peace. We are parents and we are able to juggle anything that comes our way but let’s face it, we need some preparations when snow days fall back to back and I am not talking bread, eggs, and milk.  So with the threat of some back to back snow days in my near future, I made my list of my necessities~

1.  Wine (or alcohol of choice)  This is my first stop after the kids get on the bus and I drop Gracie off at preschool.  Oh wait…post office to mail out some Thirty-One goodies is first.

2.  Coffee/Tea  Need to make sure I have my supplies for some comfort caffeine to start the day since there will be no Dunkin Donuts or Starbuck’s run.

3.  Wine/Alcohol   No explanation needed

4.  Snacks  Need to have some good snacks around particularly chocolate!  And I know my kids seem to be a bottomless pit whenever they are home from school.  So a full tummy is always helpful.

5.  Wine/Alcohol   Need to stay hydrated

6.  Activities  Yes my kids have their electronics as well as toys and games.  But sometimes when you know you will be home bound for an extended period of time, anything new helps!  So I will be stopping at our local Dollar Store and 5 Below for some bargains.

7.  Wine/Alcohol  Need options

8.  Secret Hideout  Not for the kids, but for me.  I need to have a secret spot where I can hideout if need be for a timeout or to enjoy my secret chocolate stash.

9.  Wine/Alcohol  Did I mention that?

So if I can get all this ready prior to pick up time, I feel the upcoming snow days will be glorious!  I will be prepared to repeat these same errands at the end of the week since we have yet another storm coming this weekend.  So here’s to all of us parents trying to survive these snow days!

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