Sometimes, Is It Really Worth It?

Sometimes I think~ is it really worth trying to help out?  Is it really worth trying to be nice?  Is it really worth trying to fit in when you are the new person?

This is where I am such a naive person and want to see the good in everyone.  I think everyone is like me and truly try to help and be nice because that is what you are supposed to be especially when it comes to doing things for your kids.  But the reality is, too often there are people who will find something to complain about or make an issue out of nothing because….I don’t know why.  I wish I knew.

The past few months I have been trying to find my way into a whole other world because of my child.  I have been unsuccessful.  I have been made to feel like I am in high school again.  I have tried on numerous occasions to help in many ways even when I know how difficult it would be for me to do so. Each time there has been some sort of “issue” and I am pushed aside.  I can handle this but it is hard to explain to my child when she finds out about it or sees me upset.  I know it has no reflection on me and how I am as a person.  I know I am coming from a place of good.  I know I am just trying to be there and involved for my child.  I know I am a setting an example for my child on how to deal with people.

I will not allow it to affect my child and I do not allow her to truly know how hard it is for me because of how wonderful it has been for her.  This is what parents do.  I hope I can teach my child to keep going when things are hard.  I try to show her I know it has nothing to do with me and it is just a reflection of them.  I want her to be that person who continues to be kind and helpful (but not a pushover) and when people make her question if it is truly worth it, she will say it is and carry on, with her head held high, knowing she is a better person.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes, Is It Really Worth It?

  1. With the specific individuals in question no it is not worth it. That is why I pulled my support from the project. You are too good of a person! You are a wonderful person. And the individuals in question are not good people. We know that. 🙂

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  3. I was a little surprised to read this today….while I agree not everyone is pleasant and nice what we have is wonderful! Doing for our children is what is important and supporting each other….everyone needs to make an effort to join together and be a solid team! A lot of times the fault falls not on everyone else but on yourself…if your not comfortable or if you don’t know someone you probably tend to be quiet therefore feeling like you don’t fit in. When in truth if one steps up just a little and talks the results are much different!
    Everyone needs to realize there is not a click or a special loop to be in …it just is! Talk to people step out of your comfort zone and find yourself in a whole different place!

    • Regardless of the back story the only way to fit in is to make yourself for friendly and helpful! I was too once a new person to a new place and over time things became better…the more I spoke the better it was! Life has many ups and downs and how you handle them will be the difference!!!

  4. I agree and that is why I will always continue to try my best in the many different back stories that made up this post. I know all too well about how life has many ups and downs and I think I have done a pretty great job despite all of them. Again, I appreciate your thoughts….it is always nice to get an outsiders point of view.

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