More Than A Preschool

So I had the 1st of 3 parent-teacher conferences and let me tell you, I came home and cried.  It is an end of an era….I will no longer have a child in preschool!  Don’t get me wrong, I knew Gracie was ready for kindergarten and I am ready for her to head off to kindergarten.  But I am not ready to let go of my life with a “little one” just yet and certainly not our “home” for the past 7 years.

October08 018Ella~ age 4

I will admit, I truly had no idea what I was going to hear when I sat down for Gracie’s conference.  The only things I knew were that she was happy, she was thriving, and she was ready to move on.  I had no idea what letters she knew yet alone if she knew the uppercase and the lowercase or that there was even a difference!  So I sat down and just held my breathe.  Out came the paper that I am so used to seeing and all these little notes.  Oh boy…what were these notes?  I kept thinking how I have completely slacked on the recording of milestones and working with her to help prepare her for school like I did with the other 2.  But despite that, she rocked it!  She knew all her uppercase letters except 3 however lowercase letters are lacking but that is to be expected when it is just being introduced.  The best was when they got down to checking if she new her address and her response~ “I’ll go ask my Mommy!”  Well of course she will ask me and all I have to do is start it and she rattles it off.  So I am not a complete slacker and she would be OK if she got lost!

Hunters1stDayPreSchool2010 012Hunter~age 4

So as the brief conference ended and I am about to get up, I look at them and ask, “So is she ready for kindergarten?”  I was once again holding my breathe and secretly hoping for a NO but they just laughed and said “Of course she is!  She is more than ready!”  I held back my tears and said how I couldn’t believe this is it.  Her one teacher has taught my son and knows everything thing about him~all my kids actually~and she had tears in her eyes (as I do right now typing this).  We just hugged.  This amazing preschool and staff truly have no idea how special they are to me.  I am truly sad that I will no longer be going there 3-4 days a week and singing the Days of the Week song, all 3 of my kids’ favorite prayer “The Eagles Fly…”, Wacky Wednesdays, etc.  I was fortunate when I found this school when Ella was young.  I knew the second I walked into the building there was something special about it.  Little did I know then how much they would become a part of our family and how much they truly would love my children.  They have helped my children continue to thrive during an extremely difficult time.  They have been there for me and cried with me.  When this school year comes to an end, it will be so hard.  I truly will sob leaving that building knowing I will not be lucky enough to have another child walk through those doors to start their  school career.

008Gracie~age 4

So to all the teachers at THE MOST WONDERFUL PRESCHOOL IN THE WORLD…Thank you.  I have to stop here because I truly can not see the screen through my tears.

2 thoughts on “More Than A Preschool

  1. Amazing and so well said. We are so fortunate to have a preschool this special right in our backyard. The caring doesn’t stop just because the child starts elementary school. Love everything about this wonderful place and everyone in it!!

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