My Photo Obsession

I have an obsession.  My obsession is my love of photographs.  This is not a normal obsession by any means.  So prepare yourself for some pretty ridiculous things I have done because of my obsession.

One of my absolute favorite things and most treasured are all my photographs.  I absolutely love to look back and remember that moment in time.  I am a little disappointed in myself because I have been slacking in this area.  I don’t take as many pictures as I used to nor have I been ordering the actual prints.  It is my goal by the end of 2014 to have this project completed.

025Just a SMALL sample of photos that need to be put in albums

I know that people really do not order the actual copy of their pictures anymore.  Most people keep them on a hard drive of some sort (is that even the correct term?).  But for me there is nothing like the actual picture in your hands and you are looking right at it.  I was very OCD about this at one time especially when the kids were first born.  I had specific photo albums for certain memories.  All of my kids had their own Birthday Photo Album and Everyday Photo Album.  What is an Everyday Photo Album?  Basically it was just miscellaneous pictures I would take.  I carried a camera with me EVERYWHERE.  Then I had albums for Holidays/Special Occasions, Vacations/Day Trips,and Christmas.  It got worse….if ALL 3 of the kids were in a picture and it was just an “every day” snap shot, I would get 3 copies so each of them had the picture.  See there was a method to my madness.  The point of keeping separate albums for each of the kids (birthdays & every day) was eventually one day they would get these albums for their own memories.  The only albums they would have to fight over were the other albums.

026This doesn’t even do justice to the amount of albums I have!

My obsession gets worse…I have a collage frame for each of the kids (actually 2 for each). This is where I put black & white copies of some of my favorite photos from each year (so I change them out).  Just realized that Gracie is missing one.  Here’s a shocker…I have slacked here as well!  Gee I wonder why?!??  There’s more….I have frames for their yearly birthday picture, frames for their now school pictures, frames for pictures of all 3 together, and then I just started to make a point for me to be in some as well so now I have frames for all 4 of us and then each of them with me.  So basically my home is one giant photo gallery!

023ONE wall of framed photos

Some people are obsessed with art work or figurines.  I am obsessed with photographs of my life.  I am not sure how my obsession got to this point.  But I know that my obsession is not going to end anytime soon.  They make me happy.  I want them in my home.  I want people to see them and enjoy them. I want these photographs for my kids to share with their children.  I know I should probably change up my way of preserving and maintaining my obsession…go digital (gasp) but I don’t think I can.  So I will continue my obsession and continue to be odd and print them out, put them in actual photo albums, and continue to display my life’s treasures throughout my home.

021My mantel of just a FEW framed photos

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