For the Love of Mindcraft

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If any of you have children, I am sure you are very familiar with the game Mindcraft.  It is EXTREMELY popular in my house!  So popular that I now have a love-hate relationship with it.

I absolutely think it is a game that truly makes your child think.  They way my children create their “worlds” and how they know how to do it, blows my mind.  I love the level of critical thinking they need to play it.  Even my 5 yr. old loves to create her own “world”.  Hunter and his friend have created multiple football fields all decked out with seats, yard lines, and end zones in the color of the team.  Ella has created a cruise ship like the Disney Dream including the AquaDuck on it!  She is now in the process of creating a castle.  I like to listen as they help each other build in their “worlds” and share their excitement over each others’ creations.

This game provides hours upon hours of stimulation for my children.  It occupies them when I have to be on a conference call or am putting orders in.  It occupies them on snowy days.  Now allowing this to go on and on for hours is not a great thing and I do set limits.  But they seem to find ways around my limits.  They may not be in their “worlds” or in each others’ “worlds” but they are still learning new ways to “craft” by watching YouTube videos!  I swear I hear Stampylonghead and Amy in my sleep.  These are two VERY popular “Mindcrafters” that have numerous YouTube videos.  They walk them through their “worlds” as well as help them create worlds of their own in what I think are little mindcraft episodes.  It is a bit disturbing when I run to switch a load of laundry and come back to see them curled up, under a blanket, with ear buds in listening to them.  It is like they are in a trance of some sort!

But this game annoys me too.  I love how they bond over the game but my children have “virtual” fights!  These fights get so bad that I have threatened on numerous occasions to go into their “worlds” and burn them down or blow them up with “TNT”.  I think their “virtual fights” are worse than some of their “live” fights.  Then there are the Creepers- damn creepers!  There’s nothing like everyone being calm and all of a sudden they scream because a Creeper snuck up on them!  The object is to kill the Creeper so I will often hear “I’ll kill you!” and think who are they saying that to and why.  Then I realize they are on Mindcraft.

On a weekly basis, I am required to unlock their App Store so they can see if there is an update.  You would think they hit the lottery when there is an update!  Mindcraft talk is all around me and trying to pretend that I care about the “world” Stampy created or what color Amy’s hair is that particular week is truly becoming more and more difficult.  Why couldn’t I have the brains to develop an App or become a YouTube Sensation with something like this?!??

Nonetheless, I am thankful for this game for making my children use their brains without them knowing it!

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