What February 14th is to me….


As thousands get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I look for thousands of reasons to avoid it. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. February 14th is my wedding anniversary.  And that is how February 14th will always be for me.  Before you think how romantic, I will stop you.  It was chosen because I wanted a Friday evening wedding and there was no hunting during this month.  I am not making this up.  So it was chosen without any romance behind it.

I used to go a little overboard with decorating for Valentines Day in honor of our anniversary.  I would have different styles of hearts displayed all over the house.  I would do little projects with the kids.  But now I no longer decorate for Valentine’s Day.  I have to get all the valentines for the kids as soon as I see them in the store.  This is the 1st year since losing Ryan that I am actually making goody bags for the kids to take into school as well as even going to their class to help with the party.  But Mother Nature is helping me out this year with the likelihood of a snow day.

To celebrate our anniversary, we never went out to dinner until the weekend following because it is ridiculous to spend the amount of money you pay for one day of the year.  We would just make a nice dinner here and have a version of our wedding cake for dessert.  The 1st anniversary following Ryan’s death, I was surprised by one of our dear friends when I went to pick up the cake at the caterer’s….she paid for it.  This will be the 2nd anniversary since Ryan’s death that I will not be having my wedding cake~the caterer closed.  I think my kids were more upset when this happened than I was.  It was the most delicious chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganche icing.  YES I had a chocolate cake much to the dislike of my mother.


February 14th will always be the day I married my best friend.  It will always be the day that I had the best party ever.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.  It was cold and there was snow on the ground.  We even had a Nor’Easter (President’s Day Weekend Blizzard of ’03) like the one we are having right now that caused us to delay our honeymoon by a month. Actually this week’s weather is very reminiscent of that winter 11 years ago.

001View across the street toward our 1st home

005Our steps leading to our front porch

So for me February 14th will always be remembered as a day of pure happiness.  Yes it is hard for me to feel that happiness anymore but I do smile and think about the wonderful life, although too short, I began on February 14, 2003.

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