New Friend Choice ~ Not Really Liking So Much

Finding myself in a little bit of a predicament.  I don’t like one of my daughter’s new friends.  They seemed to have become quick friends over the past week.  The friend is a little too “in your face” and(I feel) a little disrespectful and rude.  She has ignored my daughter telling her she is unavailable to text or facetime.  This friend will go on random texting spurts and random facetime attempts.  She will just keep trying to contact my daughter even if she has been told she is unavailable.  This friend is unaware of the fact that I see all her texts and facetime attempts.  My daughter is required to hand me her electronics every night before going to bed.  It is well known to my daughter that at any given time, I will go through her activity.  I find myself going through it every night since this “friendship” developed.

I have to say after my viewing tonight, I am a bit worried and feel like a serious talk needs to occur.  I am not liking what I am seeing from this “friend” nor am I liking who my daughter is pretending to be when she corresponds with her.  She is only going to be 10…how is this already an issue???  The issue of wanting to be someone you are not or pretending to be a certain way all to just be accepted by a peer.


I don’t know this “friend”.  I know the name and face.  It is not someone my daughter has ever spoke of until this past week.  And how this “friend” portrays herself, is not who I want my daughter to be nor is it who my daughter is.  I know this is just the beginning.  I know I can’t keep her in a bubble.  I know I am not going to like everyone she associates with.  I do know that I have made it clear to my daughter that I have rules and there are expected behaviors.  I know she will defy them and has already in little ways.

So it now comes down to how I choose to handle this.  The tween years seemed to come a bit early and I am not prepared for them. I am not ready for the hormonal changes.  I am not ready for the attitude.  I am not ready for any of this.  But ready or not, it is here and I need to get a handle on it.

2 thoughts on “New Friend Choice ~ Not Really Liking So Much

  1. Anyone, anyone who does not hear “no” is someone not worth keeping around. I would be concerned too. My son is only four and we are already having conversations about people who don’t hear “no,” in effect trying to shape other people into ones more convenient to their own wishes. So far the stakes are low, but I wonder how I will handle it as they become higher. Good luck.

    • I agree! I just had the conversation with my daughter. I have to say I am a little afraid about what may be the reaction when she gets to school this morning…fingers crossed. Parenting is such a tough job!

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