Doing Something Right…

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There are times throughout parenthood that you go unnoticed for all your hard work in raising your children.  They don’t noticed the sleepless nights, the tears shed, how often you second guess yourself, etc.  But then there is that one time where out of the blue, you get a huge hug and a “thank you” that lets you know you are doing something right.  I had one of those moments this week.

I have been very open about Hunter’s struggles with speech and learning to read.   Last week I received the news I had wanted for over a year~ he finally qualified for Reading Support.  Hunter was not very happy last week about it.  Well he started this week and guess who got a HUGE THANK YOU?!??  ME!!!!  He came home from school with his “envelope” filled with a few books and we got right to it.  About a half-hour later, he comes up to me and hugs me.  I, of course, relished in the moment….love hugs.  He looked up at me and said thank you for getting him help.  He told me how it is all making sense to him now.  My heart melted in that moment.  I remained the “cool” mom and didn’t start crying right then and there.  I simply said “You’re welcome”.  He ran off and that was the end of it.  And to just seal the deal, I received a message from his teacher and she said how wonderful his work ethic is in school.  Who doesn’t want to hear that?!??

So I am going to take this as a sign of things to come in this crazy world of parenting.  It is moments like this that make us keep going and keep trying to be the best parents we can be.  So to all of you out there who may be struggling with “Am I doing anything right?”…YOU ARE!!!!

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