The Soundtrack of My Children~Ella

For some reason as I was driving in the car, alone for once, all the songs on the radio made me emotional.  There are certain songs that remind me of my children.  Some are slow and sappy while others are just fun and make me smile.  So I thought it would be a fun way to share with you over the next couple days the songs that make up my soundtrack for my children.  You will quickly learn how different each of my children are and why I am truly blessed.

When I think of Ella so many songs come to mind.  I feel like I think of her more when I hear certain songs.  It definitely isn’t because I favor her more or anything.  It is because it has been her and I for almost 10 years.  We are very similar in many ways and have a special bond which I have blogged about in early posts.

People who do not know Ella immediately would think she is this shy, reserve, quiet girl.  Yes she is but she is absolutely hilarious and can be extremely loud and silly.  So you may be surprised by some of the songs that remind me of her. I am just going to share two songs.  Every time I hear Justin Timberlake’s ” Sexy Back” I immediately smile and Ella pops into my head.  I can see her in our basement dancing around (her dance teachers would be impressed) and singing on the top of her lungs as Ryan would work in his office.  I kid you not that this song comes on almost every time it is just her and I in the car…hmmmmm.

A more sentimental song, for me, is Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”.  She is aware that this song makes me think of her and I cry every time I hear it.  As a mother of a girl who struggles to see how amazing she is, this song just sums up what so many people see and feel about Ella.  It makes me sad that she doesn’t always see it.  Yes some of the lyrics obviously are not meant to describe a parent’s feeling about their daughter but the overall message is something every parent wants their daughter to see and believe.

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