Sick Day


I apologize for no post yesterday and not a true one for you today.  But this mom wasn’t able to dodge the stomach bug that was passing through our house the past couple weeks.  It hit hard and I am completely wiped out.  I am finally trying to hydrate myself and eat so I can function.  The only way I am positive the above picture is not me is because my couch doesn’t look like that 😉

Hope everyone is staying healthy and hopefully I will have something good to read tomorrow!

Warp Speed

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Do you remember as a kid how slow time seemed to go?  I remember school seemed like it was 10x’s as many months, summer lasted what seemed like a long time, and just driving to the mall seemed like you needed a whole day for there and back.  What happened?  I feel like I live at warp speed any more!

The weeks are flying by and by this time next week we will be into April.  How did that happen?  Ella informed me that she only has 10 Tuesdays left until the end of the school year.  That is insane to me!  In a less than 2 weeks I will turn 41…I swear I just turned 40! Then my very first baby will be 10 years old….I have been a mom for 10 years!!!

There are so many moments I would love to hit the pause button on life…my kids getting older, a day where I have so much to do, to be two places at once, etc.

But then there are the moments I am anticipating I will want a fast forward button…the tween years, seeing your children struggle and having to let them figure it out on their own, anything that causes us to be out of control of the outcomes, etc.

I can’t even start to list the rewind button moments…too many.

But life is constant.  Time keeps going forward and we have to as well.  We have to take the good with the bad.  We have to savor every moment.

Daylight Savings…why????



Daylight Savings….you stink!  You have messed up my internal clock so badly that I can’t think straight.  I can’t function like a normal human being.  I feel like I have been a walking zombie ever since Daylight Savings.  I have no idea why this time around it hit me like a brick.  But I am seriously exhausted.  I look forward to a day where I can lay on the couch and do nothing or feel like I should be doing something.  So I will be waiting for a very LONG time.

I get the concept behind Daylight Savings.  I really do but I think it is stupid.  Why fix a good thing?  All I know this time around Daylight Savings has literally kicked me in the butt and I am down for the count.  I hope it is just because of the weather still being very winter-like because as of now, I want to be a 2 yr old and take a nap!

I am already looking forward to bed and the day has just started!


I think homework is going to be the end of me. I don’t remember it being this frustrating when Ella was in first grade.  The truth is I’ve been spoiled by her.  I have never had to sit with her and do homework.  From day one, she has been fortunate to be very independent and have the natural ability to complete things on her own.  Plus I think her ability to grasp the concepts has never really been an issue.  And now there is Hunter….

This is a perfect example of how each child is different.  It’s a perfect example of how your parenting needs to be individualized with each child. It’s a perfect example of why I am thankful for wine.

It is so frustrating as a parent to see your child struggle in anything.  But it’s even more frustrating when you see the effort they are putting forth, their teachers are putting forth, and you are putting forth and still there is something not connecting.  I spent over an hour completing a spelling paper and reading a book. It was so painful!  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I had to take a deep breath and count to 10 so I wouldn’t show my frustration.

He was beyond frustrated and it made it very difficult to figure out what was causing it.  Was it because he was tired?  Or hungry? Or he just doesn’t feel like doing it?  Or was it because he isn’t grasping something?  Or all of the above?  I found this frustrating as a teacher and now as a parent even more. One minute on a roll and the next can’t read the same word that appears 3x’s on one page…ugh!

So to all you parents out there who go through the same thing….cheers!  I was just informed by Ella only 10 more Tuesdays until the end of the school year!

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Wearing the Pants in the Family

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I have been reminded how our society has an assumption that any decision being made when it comes to home improvements to the purchase of something other than food or clothes, is that a man has the final say.

I have been having some fencing companies come out to give me some estimates on having a fence installed for our sweet Mazy. Besides from the sticker shock, I am shocked at how the question immediately following the pleasantries is always “So what does your husband think….”.  I know it is an assumption when you come to a home where it is obvious younger children live and a woman is there during the day for the estimate.  But let’s look at today’s society and how it has changed.  It is a rare thing anymore to have an intact family or a traditional family.

I have gotten quite used to these questions and depending on my mood (hahaha) or the manner in which the question is brought up affects how I answer it.  I know when I say the words “my husband passed away” makes many uncomfortable because they don’t know what to say for numerous reasons.  So I usually just refer to Ryan in the present tense especially when it comes to someone who is trying to sell me something.  I find when I do say I am a widow, they seem to think I am not very knowledgeable of things.  OK I am not but they don’t need to know that!

So I have made it my mission to come across more in charge of decisions being made so the people I deal with don’t assume there is a “man of the house”.  I am the man and the woman of the house.  So here’s to wearing the pants in the family.

A Moment…

Something happened last night that I felt I had been lacking for so long…a moment of pure family fun!  I need to stress it was a moment but I will take it.  I feel like with our busy schedules these little moments have been far and few.  So what was our moment….a family dance/sing-a-long to my favorite (insert sarcasm) movie Teen Beach Movie.

I can’t tell you how much this moment made my entire month!  It was so nice to have all 4 of us laughing and just being silly together. No one said “don’t touch me” or “it’s my turn”.  THIS is a rare occasion!


It’s Possible


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to pursue a career where it enabled me to be available for my family.  I knew from the moment I had my children, I was on a quest to find that something.  It became even more of a quest when I lost Ryan.  For the past 4 years, I knew I would have to find something to fit into my new life as a single mom.

I am so beyond excited that I am able to make this happen by finally taking a chance and stepping out of what I view as my comfort zone.  Although what I am pursuing I am in love with.  But parts of it, like anything new, I need to learn so I am confident in myself. I am going to be a travel planner with a wonderful agency called Practically Perfect Vacations!  I am taking my love of travel, particularly Disney, and helping others plan their own magical trips like I have been blessed to take with my children.

I am not sure who is more excited…me or my kids!  I just know, once again, my life is full of blessings and wonderful people who believe in me and encourage me.  I am so excited to have this fabulous opportunity!  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with all of you in addition to my crazy every day life adventures like I have been doing from the beginning.

To plug or not to plug?  I will simply leave it to you my dedicated readers, to check out my information in my About Me Section.