A Feel Good Moment


I was reminded this past weekend at one of my Thirty-One Shows the importance of how one simple kind word can make someone’s day. I love those “feel good” moments and how it changes my day.  Most of my shows are filled with moms who are finally out of the house for a much needed and well deserved girls night.  I like to let them hang out, chat, have some food and cocktails, and shop.  I enjoy listening to their conversations and getting to know where they are in life.  It makes me forget about my crazy life and my worries for a little.

This party was on the smaller size (personally my favorite kind) so I really had a chance to get to talk with the hostess and her friends. I knew one person and that was not even the hostess.  We met for the first time when I came to her door!  I literally sat on the floor with products and catalogs everywhere.  Although that was why I was there, I truly feel like they knew I was interested in what they were talking about.  They are all young moms and they were discussing how 3 yr olds are worse than the Terrible 2s….AMEN!  One of the guests I could tell, by her body language, must have had a rough day or week.  So her and I started talking and I just really let her get it all out.  She was struggling with life at the beginning stages of motherhood.  At one point she actually started to tear up over how overwhelmed she was but so grateful that I was able to be empathetic to what she was going through.

I remember being in her shoes and wishing one of the “been there done that” moms would have just listened and let me know that what I was feeling was normal.  The look on her face when I acknowledged feeling the same way was priceless.  As the night when on, I could see her start to truly enjoy herself with her friends. I left there feeling like I did something good for someone else and that she knew I was being genuine.  It is little moments like this that remind me that actions don’t always go unnoticed and you get back what you give out.

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