Taking a Stand


Taking a stand isn’t always an easy thing to do.  Sometimes you choose not to because you don’t want to deal with the aftermath. Sometimes you choose not to because you are afraid.  Sometimes you choose not to because you don’t know if it is your place to do so.  Sometimes you choose not to because you don’t know how.  None the less, we have all been in a situation where it was necessary to do so.

For me, I have always done it on a quiet side.  I am easily frustrated and when I get frustrated I clam up and tend to forget what I want to say.  My frustration will cause me to get upset and then I feel it makes me look weak. I have been known to write everything I wanted to say down before taking a stand and addressing the issue. When I finally decided to take a stand against my family, I think I wrote down a list of everything I had wanted my mom to know that had been building up.  Even that afternoon when I let it all out, I forgot things.  The emotions took over.

I am struggling once again with how to take a stand on how people have treated a dear friend.  For the past year I have seen people turn on my friend for reasons I wish I knew. From what I can see there has been no merit. I have seen my friend been beaten down- for what?  For being overly generous with her time, her loyalty, generosity, her kindness?  For being a great mom, a hard worker, a business woman?  For despite having no support from family, still found the time to raise a family, work hard and take her passion and start her own business?  For being supportive and encouraging of her friends?  For being honest about her struggles with those who took the time to get to know her?  The last time I checked these are all qualities I look for in a friend.  But there are some people who see these as qualities of a mean person even a “bully”.  To those people, I feel sorry for you.  You have lost the opportunity to have an incredible human being in your life.  You have managed to hurt someone in ways no one should ever be hurt.  I am asking you to stop and move on.  I am asking you not to comment on this post.  This is MY blog and I have always used this as my platform to express MY feelings.

Maybe this isn’t really taking a stand because I am not even sure if the people read my blog anymore. I am sure some will view this as cowardly  I really don’t care if they do. This is how I can get it out without showing MY personal weakness.  I am not good at taking stands but I am trying to improve.  I am not always a good friend or person~no one is.  We are all human. We all make mistakes-I make them on a daily basis.  We all have feelings-they get hurt. We all need to remember that when dealing with each other. I am just disgusted on how people can be so cruel to others.  I just posted about how I was pretty much disgusted with myself as a parent so I am owning my own character flaws.  I am hurting for my friend.  It is not easy to see someone you care about completely broken and beat up.


One thought on “Taking a Stand

  1. I think what hurts the most is when you send you involve children. What hurts the most is now my children are involved. They took everything, my business, my self-esteem and now they are after my kids by feeding their children lines about me.

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