No I Lay Me Down to Sleep

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As I have said in a previous post, I have gone to a medium. I know many people are skeptics on this topic.  Is it real?  I can tell you I was a skeptic until my very first interaction with the medium I have seen several times.  My first experience with her was in a public setting…a medium gallery. Basically what happens is you get a number prior to entering the room.  She begins her talk and randomly picks numbers from a basket.  The first one there was no guarantee that your number would be called.  My number was not but a friend’s was and he came through to her.  I decided to attend another one where you were guaranteed to be able to ask one question. He came through immediately.  Those who were with me know what it was like to hear all he said through her to me.  After that experience I contacted her for a private reading so we could discuss privately and in more depth everything I wanted to know.

My experience during my private session was unbelievable.  So many things were validated.  So many things began to make sense. I won’t go into detail what was said because it is personal.  But I remember her saying to me that he does come to me but because I am emotionally too distraught I am not able to see or hear him.  Do you know how frustrating that was to hear? How do you suddenly become less distraught?

They say your loved ones come to you many times in your dreams.  So many people who knew and loved Ryan have had at least one vivid dream.  They remember every detail~his voice, his face, the conversation, etc.  I am the only one who has not had one single dream.  Not one.  It is something I ask for every night before falling asleep.

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