Happy Birthday to My Little Man

IMGP0821              05-02-2006 12;29;51PM

What a difference a day makes.  One day your heart is full of complete sadness and the next it is full of so much happiness.  On this day 8 years ago, my other favorite man came into my life.  Hunter is a mini version of his daddy and was from the moment I first held him.  My first words when he was placed in my arms were, ” Oh my god it’s you!”.

MusikfestMisc09 014

I have extreme mommy guilt today because I will not be spending his birthday with him.  Ella has a dance competition and so I am with her.  Although he was upset, he then realized he was spending the day with his “brudder” and told me “It’s all good mommy.”


So to my favorite man….thank you for all the laughs.  I look forward to watching what this next year will bring in your little life. You are growing up way too fast.  You are such a good boy with a heart of gold.  You make me smile every single day.  I am so lucky to have you.  Don’t ever lose your sense of humor or your kind heart.


I love you to infinity and beyond…xoxo

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