Wearing the Pants in the Family

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I have been reminded how our society has an assumption that any decision being made when it comes to home improvements to the purchase of something other than food or clothes, is that a man has the final say.

I have been having some fencing companies come out to give me some estimates on having a fence installed for our sweet Mazy. Besides from the sticker shock, I am shocked at how the question immediately following the pleasantries is always “So what does your husband think….”.  I know it is an assumption when you come to a home where it is obvious younger children live and a woman is there during the day for the estimate.  But let’s look at today’s society and how it has changed.  It is a rare thing anymore to have an intact family or a traditional family.

I have gotten quite used to these questions and depending on my mood (hahaha) or the manner in which the question is brought up affects how I answer it.  I know when I say the words “my husband passed away” makes many uncomfortable because they don’t know what to say for numerous reasons.  So I usually just refer to Ryan in the present tense especially when it comes to someone who is trying to sell me something.  I find when I do say I am a widow, they seem to think I am not very knowledgeable of things.  OK I am not but they don’t need to know that!

So I have made it my mission to come across more in charge of decisions being made so the people I deal with don’t assume there is a “man of the house”.  I am the man and the woman of the house.  So here’s to wearing the pants in the family.

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