I think homework is going to be the end of me. I don’t remember it being this frustrating when Ella was in first grade.  The truth is I’ve been spoiled by her.  I have never had to sit with her and do homework.  From day one, she has been fortunate to be very independent and have the natural ability to complete things on her own.  Plus I think her ability to grasp the concepts has never really been an issue.  And now there is Hunter….

This is a perfect example of how each child is different.  It’s a perfect example of how your parenting needs to be individualized with each child. It’s a perfect example of why I am thankful for wine.

It is so frustrating as a parent to see your child struggle in anything.  But it’s even more frustrating when you see the effort they are putting forth, their teachers are putting forth, and you are putting forth and still there is something not connecting.  I spent over an hour completing a spelling paper and reading a book. It was so painful!  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I had to take a deep breath and count to 10 so I wouldn’t show my frustration.

He was beyond frustrated and it made it very difficult to figure out what was causing it.  Was it because he was tired?  Or hungry? Or he just doesn’t feel like doing it?  Or was it because he isn’t grasping something?  Or all of the above?  I found this frustrating as a teacher and now as a parent even more. One minute on a roll and the next can’t read the same word that appears 3x’s on one page…ugh!

So to all you parents out there who go through the same thing….cheers!  I was just informed by Ella only 10 more Tuesdays until the end of the school year!

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