Holy Schedule Batman!

I spent a good deal of my day last week  making sure my calendars were up to date with all the appointments, practices, and events for the upcoming months.  I definitely need to start color-coding more consistently.  I looked at the calendar and when I look at the next 2 1/2 months…wow!  I am already exhausted!  And there is ONE appointment on there that is strictly mine…a haircut/color!  No wait….TWO!


I am very conscious of not over scheduling my kids.  And if you would look at the upcoming months, they look to make a liar out of me.  But the truth is, each of them are involved in one activity.  But when you see it on paper it is a crazy schedule but somehow works. Yes there will be some hairy moments and I will have to realize I am human and can’t be in two places at once and need help.  It will all work out, I will not miss anything by choice, and all will be well.  OK I am probably fooling myself but I am going think positively!

How do all of you manage the craziness of every day life with children?

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