Looking For My Sweet Little Girl



So my sweet 5 yr. old hasn’t been so sweet lately.  Where did the attitude come from?  Where did the sticking the tongue out come from?  Or saying “I hate you” to her brother or sister?

I am thinking she is testing the waters and probably acting out since I was away this past weekend.  Also, she is aware that in 2 weeks I will be away for 5 days with Ella.  So is this her way of getting her point across that she is just down right mad at me?  I honestly don’t care what the reason is.  I just know that I am losing patience fast especially since she took it to a new level and acted out in one of her dance classes.  See that is a BIG mistake in my book.  I expect that type of behavior at home and around me but once it is outside the house I have no tolerance for it.  My children know this about me and rarely do act disrespectfully at school or anywhere outside the house.

How to handle it is always a guessing game.  But I think it is so worth trying even if it takes several times.  It seems like there are so many children who “get away” with this kind of behavior outside the house.  I am not sure if it is because our society seems to look down upon disciplining children like we used to get disciplined or not.  Am I for hitting a child?  No.  I am for teaching children that they are to respect authority figures (teachers, grandparents, babysitters, etc) and act appropriately.  If they don’t, there is a consequence.  And not a “no dessert” type of consequence.  A meaningful one.  One that fits the action.

For example with Gracie’s behavior in her dance class, I made sure she knew what she did was not OK and that is was extremely disrespectful to her teacher.  I didn’t yell at her.  I didn’t shame her in anyway.  I calmly said to her what she did was wrong and I didn’t care what her reasons were or if anyone else was involved, etc.  I didn’t wait until we got home.  I did it immediately after I found out.  And she knew what was expected of her and she had to apologize to her teacher .  Will this prevent it from happening again?  Of course not.  But I think she will think long and hard about it.  Am I being too harsh?  In my opinion, absolutely not.  Did I handle it correctly?  Who the hell knows!  But at least I handled it!

So now as I should be doing other things, I will be thinking of my plan of attack to get the new little attitude we have going on under control.  Wednesdays are just Mommy & Gracie days so I will have time to hopefully get to the bottom of some things.  And if not, what do we parents do best?  We try and try again until we get it right!

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