Stuck in the Middle

Sibling Rivalry is in the air once again in our house.  And usually with this comes one who will play it for all it’s worth and make me feel like I am scarring them for life.  This week’s winner for an amazing performance is (drum roll) HUNTER!!!!

This boy is seriously playing the poor me card.  He actually came out and said to me, “I am the middle child.  Middle child always gets left out!”  Hold on a minute…where in the world did he hear this phrase?  His response “Everyone knows that the middle child is always left out!”.  Again, hold on a minute…where in the world did he hear this phrase?

This phrase reminds me of something my parents said when they found out I was pregnant with Gracie.  See my dad was the middle child and had always felt left out.  I remember my mom saying to me how I shouldn’t have a third child because there would be a middle child and they would be left out.  And if it wasn’t another boy, it would be even worse on Hunter.

Well it wasn’t another boy and is it worse on Hunter….Ha!  I don’t think it is at all!  If anything it is the complete opposite.  This boy is spoiled and he knows how to work his charm (just like his daddy).  I think all of us struggle, no matter how many children we have, to make sure they get an equal amount of time with us.  But life is life.  You have times where it is hectic and crazy.  Then you have times where you are searching for things to do…OK maybe not searching.  But none the less, whether you have 2 children or 6 children, there is the struggle to carve out one on one time with each of them.


It looks like I am the one stuck in the middle.  But this too shall pass and another crisis of “it’s not fair” will arise.  And I will continue to do what I do.

So Hunter went to bed knowing that although the past few weeks I was busy with “girly stuff” (his words) that I have time for him.  He just needs to be a little patient and realize I love them all the same.

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