One Week = One Big Mess

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As I sit here and type, I am glancing across just one room of my house and it looks like a bomb went off!  The house is dusty and there is an odd funk to it.  It looks like it has been neglected and abused.  But it hasn’t.  It has been lived in and has just survived a week of the caretaker being out of commission.  It will once again be tidied up only to be a hot mess come Monday morning as we rush out the door to start our week.

I like to have my house in order.  I feel like it keeps me sane (very hard to do some days) and makes me happy.  But the truth is, it never is in order.  It isn’t for a lack of trying.  It is because of 3 other people whom I share this home with.  I have learned this week that they are entirely too needy and have gotten out of control lazy.  Our crazy schedule the past two weekends did not help at all with being home, then gone, then home, then sick, then gone, then sick.  One week of being completely out of commission will take more than one week to put back together.  But slowly it will happen and slowly my lazy children will once again remember their responsibilities of being a member of this family.


3 thoughts on “One Week = One Big Mess

  1. Oh yes. Sometimes I simply cannot take it. Other days, I seem to be able to live in it and remain calm. One thing I love about blogging, it is one of the few things I do that actually stays done.

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