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41….where did the year go? I think I learned a lot about life and have become more comfortable in who I am as a woman, a mom, a friend.  Something happens when you turn 40 and it’s a really good thing.  I love that most (not all) of my insecurities are no longer an issue.  I love that I am comfortable with who I am and I no longer feel the need (for the most part) to please everyone.  I love that I have my few close friends who support me and encourage me not because they want something from me.  It is simply because they believe in me.  I love that I am becoming more confident in my role as the “captain” in this family.  I love that my children look at me and I can see they are proud of me and they love me for me.  I love that I know I still have growing to do.

So for those of you who are dreading the big 4-0, I am here to say it is a wonderful year….embrace it!  I am looking forward to what 41 has in store for me.

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