That Magical Feeling


My first time visiting Disney World happened 35 years ago this week.  It was my 6th birthday and my mom was 7 months pregnant with my brother.  I had been begging to go to Disney. I remember this moment as clear as day…

It was time for me to open my presents.  My parents and grandparents were there.  My parents took me to their bedroom and on their bed was a denim color suitcase.  They told me to open it up.  I opened it up and it was filled with new clothes!  On top of the clothes was an envelope.  My mom told me to open it up.  So I open up the envelope and there were 3 plane tickets and what I remember a note saying I was going to Disney.  I remember jumping up and down with excitement and saying “We are going to Disney!” over and over again!  Then I was told I was going but not with my parents.  I was going with my grandparents.  I remember crying because I had never went away without my parents before but looking back, there was really no way they would have been able to go.

I can remember the plane ride.  I remember getting wings from the pilot.  I remember having to do homework because I was missing school.  I remember drinking Tang every morning in the hotel room.  The one thing that I remember, and to this very day makes me smile, is seeing Cinderella’s Castle on Main Street in Magic Kingdom.  I will never forget the feeling I got at age 6.  It is the same feeling I get even now.  It is the same feeling I got when each of my children saw it for the first time.  In just a few short days I will be seeing the castle and I know it will take me right back to being 6 again.

For me, Magic Kingdom is the most magical place on earth.  I love the feeling I get as soon as I walk onto Main Street….it’s magical. I love that all my worries disappear….that is truly magical!  I love that I am living in the moment and enjoying myself no matter what is going on in my life….magical.  I love that I am getting to spend a few days alone with my oldest daughter in the most magical place on earth….simply magical.

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