Mommy Brain


I suffer from what is called “Mommy Brain”.  I have lost all my brain cells and I am pretty sure my children have them.  I remember being scattered brained when I was pregnant and during the first few months following the birth of my children.  But now I see that my brain has never fully recovered.

I can’t tell you the last time that I have read a book all the way through and truly comprehended what I read.  When I read, I have to read it about 5x’s until it sinks in.  That is just pathetic.  I remember a time when I could sit and blow through a book within days.  I would remember all the little details.  Now I sit to read an article on anything and…. nothing.  I feel I need to prep for adult conversations because I have not one single clue some days what is going on in the world unless it involves kid stuff.

There are so many moments (more than I care to admit) that I seriously hear myself speak and think….what in the world are you saying? I feel so spacey.  I am an intelligent woman but some things that come out of my mouth makes me sound like I am 10 years old.  I hate being in the middle of a conversation and then forgetting what it is I wanted to say or what the person I am speaking to is saying to me.

How does this happen?

Is there anyway to stop it from getting worse?

Or is this what happens in the busy life of a mom?

4 thoughts on “Mommy Brain

  1. Oh my, I wish this wasn’t so true but it is and I’m right there with you. It is very hard for me to focus. And I am the same way with reading. It has helped me lately to read a bit at night AFTER the kids are in bed. I can focus so much better without the noise from the kids. I think so much of it is because we are constantly having to multitask, and our thoughts are always interrupted by someone asking us something. It is also hard for women to shut their brains off sometimes, you know?

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