I had my oldest daughter’s parent-teacher conference this week since we will be in Disney while they are for the rest of the school.  It is so nice to hear someone tell you what you have been hoping for so long.  Ella is coming out of her shell and volunteering more in class. She is enjoying school and creating some friendships with her peers.  She is more confident. She has come a long way from the beginning of the year and even a longer way from a year ago.

When you have child who suffers from anxiety and has gone through something as traumatic as my daughter has, you are always hoping for the best but always prepared for the worse.  But when you start hearing more of the best, a small amount of weight is lifted off your shoulders.  Every “best” is a step closer to your child beginning to learn how to handle their anxiety a little bit better.  Some of the “bests” are huge steps for your child while others are simply baby steps.


I have seen a huge difference in Ella over the past year.  This is the first year where we really only had one major bump.  I can’t begin to explain how it makes me feel to have had a pretty “stress-free” 2nd half of the school year.  I am no longer waking up wondering if she is going to fight me to go to school.  I am so grateful that I see a smile on her face and she comes home and shares about her day at school with a smile and a lot of laughter.  I am so grateful for some relationships within school.  I am so grateful for what dance has done for her.  I am so grateful that she has girls there that make her fun side come out more.

These “bests” have been hard for Ella.  But with the help of her therapist and the confidence dance gives her, Ella is beginning to come into her own.  I know there will be some more bumps ahead.  I know there may be some “bests” that may not happen for a long time. But I know Ella has a lot of people encouraging her, building her up, and helping her see what we all see….an amazing, intelligent, beautiful, kind, loyal, fun girl.  I know I am grateful to all of them for helping me get through the bumps and building me up as a mom.  I am grateful to all of them for believing in Ella and for truly loving her.  It is because of all of you that she is having a lot more “bests”.

One thought on ““Bests”

  1. This made me cry 🙂 (I don’t know why!). Love Ella! And I love everyone is beginning to see the incredible person she truly is on the inside! She makes me laugh! To the point I cry!

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