Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Pack I Go….

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Sometimes I think it takes more work preparing to go on a trip than necessary.  Ella and I are heading to Disney for 5 days WITHOUT Hunter and Gracie.  Ella and her dance company will be performing in Downtown Disney as well as being a part of a once in a lifetime opportunity….a workshop with Disney Cast Members!!!!  How exciting!  But I am already exhausted!

It takes a lot of preparation when leaving 2 people behind.  I have to make sure I have things for Hunter’s lunch-that in itself is a chore.  I must have their schedules all typed out for my mother-in-law so she knows when football practice is, dance, what time to get to the bus, preschool routine, etc.  And since they will be staying at her house, I have to pack for them too!  But if I forget anything, they are just one street over and they can come here and get it.  But for the most part, I am packing for them to stay away from home.

In addition to packing for all of us, I need to make sure all the house stuff is finished so I can at least come home to a somewhat clean house-ha!  When we return, it will be 2 days before Easter AND Ella’s birthday.  So you know what that means….Easter stuff bought and birthday gifts wrapped.

I am looking forward to sitting on the plane Monday morning and not worrying about anything.  I am looking forward to having some time alone with Ella.  I have some guilt leaving the other 2 behind but I am sure they will each have their time alone with me.  But until then….

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Pack I Go…..

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