Getting Back to Reality

It was nice to escape from reality this week but I need to start focusing on the everyday life of our family.  I feel like we have had more bad days than good the past few weeks.  I may be to blame but I can’t take all the blame.  We are a family and our actions affect each other.  I have just seen a complete breakdown of our family.  The kids have completely regressed in terms of what is expected of them.  The simple task of throwing away garbage has become a screaming battle. I feel like they view me some days as their servant.  They seem to just bark orders and do nothing except do what they want to do.

I know I am partially to blame.  I have allowed certain things to lax especially on the days we are running non-stop.  But I want to get them back into knowing they need to help out more.  If it doesn’t happen I feel like our family is going to suffer.  I don’t want to live in a house where I have to yell to get my point across.  I don’t want to live in a house where my kids do absolutely nothing to help out. How are they going to learn responsibility?

Once again, another thing in life that proves parenting is no easy task!

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