Football is here…

Hunter is in his glory~Spring Football is here!  He has waited 5 LONG months anxiously awaiting for football to start.  He had tossed around trying baseball but when the time came to make a choice, he chose football.


Hunter LOVES all sports.  He has a natural ability to pick up the skills fairly quickly.  He will shoot baskets for some time (not his thing…lol). He will spend an afternoon with my father-in-law learning to pitch, throw, and hit a baseball.  I know my in-laws would love for Hunter to play baseball.  Will it happen?  I am not sure. I am not a huge baseball fan so I would be OK if he didn’t but it is not my choice to make.  Hunter knows he makes the decision on what activity he wants to do. In my opinion, just knowing Hunter, unless he was the pitcher or catcher he would get bored fairly quick.  He likes to go go go.  I could be completely wrong but I think it is a fair statement.

All I know is that he has a love of sports and that love is contagious.  I am looking forward to this spring football season to see how he has grown as a player and as a leader.  He is excited to be playing with friends from school and some have never played before. Him and his brudder have plans in place to make sure these boys have fun and fall in love with the game!

So here’s to a fun spring football season~Go 7-8 Redskins (gasp…wish it was the Steeler 😉 )!!!!

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