Time for New Traditions

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I have to say one of the reasons I love social media is seeing pictures especially on holidays.  I love seeing what traditions others do with their families.  I LOVE traditions.  But since Ryan has died, I have to admit I have completely slacked in this area.  I think it is because the traditions we were starting are too painful for me to continue doing with my kids.

But seeing some of the fun traditions this past weekend and Ella turning 10 has made me realize that I need to start them again.  I’ve always known that I didn’t have to do the same ones.  But I think I didn’t want to rock the boat all at once.  I wanted to keep some continuity.  I love traditions and making holidays fun so I am really looking forward to trying some new things.  I just hope the kids are equally as excited.  But we all know kids so I will not be holding my breath!

It is time for me to start enjoying the holidays a little bit more and bring back the fun.  Of course I still cry and miss Ryan terribly.  But I want to continue my promise to myself that my kids would grow up with a lot of great and meaningful memories.  So it’s time for some new traditions!


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