Dear Young Parents,

Last week while in Disney, I was able to see parents in all stages of parenthood.  Some had little ones.  Some had, like I did, the tweens. Some had the their young adult children.  I was drawn to the parents with their young children.  I wanted to pull them aside when I could see the stress I had once experienced with my own children at that age and say….

Dear Young Parents,

ENJOY every moment.

Enjoy the tantrums because these tantrums are easily fixed.

Enjoy the cuddles because they will be far and in between as they fight to be independent.

Enjoy the kisses because before you know it, you will have to sneak them because it isn’t “cool”.

Enjoy the obsessions of dressing a certain way because dressing like a princess or a pirate every day will not last forever.  You will be lucky if they wear underwear or change their socks.

AugustBeach2011 112       May08 001

Enjoy them wanting to be with you all the time because once they find an activity or make friends of their own, they will choose them over you.

Enjoy the talking non-stop in your ear because as they get older you will be begging for them to tell you one simple thing that happened during their day.

AugustBeach2011 037

Enjoy watching endless hours of their favorite Disney shows because they will soon be replaced with shows that have questionable messages.

Enjoy their sweet voices because soon they will turn hormonal and you will look at them and wonder if you gave birth to them.

Enjoy the little giggles because there is nothing more joyous than those belly laughs.  As they get older, you will fight for them to find humor in anything you do because they will think you embarrass them.

May09Fun 013   Disney08 047

Enjoy wanting to eat them up because believe it or not there will be days when you can’t stand being around them.  YES this will happen especially around the age of 9 1/2 – 10 1/2.

Enjoy when your kiss makes everything better because life is hard.

They are only young once and then they turn into aliens and then hopefully they turn into amazing adults because of all your hard work!  So ENJOY!!!

AugustBeach2011 159


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