Wasn’t Expecting This

Just when you think you have it all figured out….BAM!

I was reminded that I may not get off so easy with Gracie in regards to the loss of Ryan.  This is the perfect example of how naive I am. I guess I just assumed because Gracie was only 15 months old, she wouldn’t really think to tell her little friends about her daddy. Naive I know especially since she has grown up with his memory very much alive and knows most of her friends have a daddy.  But not once but twice this week she has told 2 of her friends that her “daddy died” and is in heaven.

May09Fun 015

I have to say hearing she told them didn’t upset me like I thought it would.  Obviously this is all she has known and so I think it is very natural for her to just say it.  It kind of makes me proud of her.  I am proud that she doesn’t see anything wrong with telling her friends. I am proud of how mature she is about it.  I am proud that I didn’t turn into a blubbering mess when I heard she did tell her 2 friends.

Thankswkend09 045

So here’s to one more hurdle in this game called life.  The prize is knowing you are handling things in the best possible way and in the process raising some remarkable kids.



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