I am over…

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Feeling so negative right now.  I think my frustration level as a mom has reached its limit.  I try so hard to stay positive but some days are harder than others.  They say once you say it, it is like you are releasing it, and you feel better.  So here it goes…

I am over being a slave to my kids.

I am over repeating myself 100x’s and my kids still don’t listen.  I have thought about recording it and just hitting play.

I am over the laziness of my kids.

I am over the sense of entitlement my kids have some days.

I am over trying to understand my moody 10 yr. old.  I know I wasn’t like this at this age.

I am over the “boy” smell that oozes out the pores of my son.

I am over the smell of urine every time I walk into the bathroom because “someone” has missed the toilet.

I am over the constant fighting my kids do among each other.

I am over talking to myself.

I am over dealing with typical kid behavior.  Some of it is just plain annoying.

I am over trying to figure out a meal for the 3 nights a week we are home that will make everyone happy.

I am over looking at piles in my house.

I am over things breaking or needing to be replaced and trying to find the time to concentrate on it other than at 1:00 am.

I am over being the “bad guy”.

I am over trying to figure out a way to make my kids want to help out and appreciate what they have.

I am over being so frustrated that I cry.

I am over expecting things that maybe I shouldn’t be expecting.

I am over yelling even though it feels good sometimes.

I am over beating myself up over mistakes I may or may not have made as a parent.

I am over being over it.



2 thoughts on “I am over…

  1. I feel your pain. I almost wrote a post just like this a few days ago because I was so fed up. I don’t start out yelling with my kids, but after time and time of asking and hearings whine I reach my limits. Then i end up the bad guy for that. Ugh. It isn’t easy. But you aren’t alone. Some how we will get through this. One day or one hour at a time. Sending a hug!

    • I absolutely agree! As a parent you never set out to yell and a lot of days you are flying by the seat of your pants just hoping to make it to bedtime. Thanks for hug- it is one of those hour by hour days here 😉

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