Cover ALMOST Blown

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I think I may have blown the cover of the tooth fairy.  Ella has recently lost 2 teeth.  She forgot to put them out for the tooth fairy.  Well she decided to do so last night.  But she forgot to do one thing….TELL ME!  And this is how my day started:

Ella:  (hitting me) “Mom! Mom!”

Me: (half asleep): “What?  What’s wrong?”

Ella:  “She didn’t leave me anything!” (insert 4th grade ‘I am SO mad’ tone of voice)

Me:  “Who?  What are you talking about?”

Ella:  “The tooth fairy!  My teeth are gone but she left me NOTHING!”

Me:  “Are you sure?  Did you look everywhere?” (where are teeth???)

Ella:  “Yes! (lovely tone again)”

Me:  “I am sure she left you something.  Maybe you missed it.” (sweating bullets now and WIDE awake)

Ella:  “She didn’t- forget it!” (storms off)

So I lay there for a minute trying to figure out how in the world I am going to get out of this one.  I figured I would let the dog out and run into the kitchen and grab some money.  I did that and as I waited for the dog to come in, I calmly told Ella that I would help her look again.

Head upstairs and I just randomly start babbling (to myself) and I yell downstairs asking Ella if she looked here, there, etc.  Then I decide I can say I found it.

Me: “Ella!  Here it is!”

Ella:  “Where?”

Me:  “It was right here under your bed.”

Ella SLOWLY comes up with her cheery attitude and looks.  I thought I got this!  Only to be shot down with…

Ella:  “That is NOT it!”

Me:  (seriously) “Are you sure?  It has to be.”

Ella:  “It was from the last time!” and storms off.

Me:  THINKING “Ummmm no it was NOT from the last time you little you know what!”

I just stood there in complete shock.  How did this not work?  But instead of trying to make it work, I decided to let it go.  I decided if she wanted to be grumpy about it then I would let her.  I can’t make her accept it.  I even contemplated letting the cat out of the bag.  But then I knew that if I did she would do the same and ruin it for her brother and sister.  So our day went as planned and the topic was never brought up again.  And the money from the tooth fairy is still under her bed!  I know where I will be going when I need some cash for a coffee this week!

Oh and for the record….still have no idea where the teeth are!

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