Friday Funny~ Caption This


I couldn’t help myself with today’s post.  As I blogged about yesterday, it was an emotional day.  I was capturing the traditional end of the year pictures.  Well let’s just say my oldest was not in a very chipper mood.  So with that being said, I snapped away and this picture just cracked me up.  There are so many possibilities for captioning this picture!

So caption away!

And I hope if you are having a “not so chipper” end of the week, that this can bring you much-needed laughter!  It has for me 🙂

End of an Era

This morning my last baby will be celebrating her last day of preschool.  It will be the same ice cream party style celebration that Ella and Hunter each had when they ended their school year at the very same preschool in the very same room.  I have this pain in my heart.  It isn’t because “my baby” is growing up.  See this isn’t just a preschool to me.  It is so much more.

Ella Preschool

It was the first place Ella EVER stayed without crying.  It was the first place, after the loss of Ryan, that I felt safe leaving Hunter. It was the first place where Hunter made his very first friend all on his own….his brudder.  It was the first place where Gracie, like Ella, felt happy without me.  It was the place where EVERY teacher greeted my children, and all the other children, walking down the halls by their name!  It was the place where I found comfort by amazing women who could just look at me and hug me and I felt comfortable enough to cry on their shoulders.  It was the place where the teachers knew everything about each of my children and still remember.  It was the place that watched over my children and loved them as their own.


How many people can say that about a preschool?  I don’t think many can say it.

Gracie's 1st Day Preschool

I know how lucky I was to find this place.  I know we were supposed to be there.  It was the place of comfort during the hardest time of our lives.  This is one of the many reasons why I am heartbroken that our time there has come to an end.  Only a few people understand what this place means to me.  It is like I am losing part of my family.  But I know I am not.  I know I can walk through those doors and be greeted with the most loving smiles and hugs on any given day.

My children know how lucky they were to go to such an amazing preschool.  They still talk about their teachers and will tell you they were their favorite teachers.  They are just as sad and can’t believe no one will be going there come September.

So to those amazing women….thank you.  You have no idea what all of you have done for us.  You will never know how much you all mean to me.  You have given my children a love of school and a love of learning.  Thanks to all of you they started their school career feeling like they could do or be anything they set their minds to.  Thanks to all of you, they learned the true meaning of kindness and how to be a good friend.  Thanks to all of you, they felt safe after a tragedy their little minds couldn’t wrap their head around.  Thanks to all of you, I felt safe leaving them.  Thanks to all of you, we were able to start the long road toward healing.





I Miss the Little Moments


As I mentioned, this past weekend was filled with a lot of fun spent with family and friends.  As we were at a family friend’s for their son’s birthday party I found myself missing what could have been for the kids and I.  This happens every so often which is expected but this time it was different.  I could feel my heartbreaking even more.

I sat and watched all these dads interact with their kids.  They were racing them through an obstacle course bouncy house.  The looks on the kids faces.  The looks on their faces.  The interaction and love were just beautiful.  I saw the maturity in all of them.  I have known most of them since they first became fathers.  They have grown into such amazing dads.  No longer pushing the care of the kids onto their wives.  But getting right into the action and being hands on and loving every minute of it.  I sat there and my heart was aching for that for my children.

I could close my eyes and I could see Ryan doing all of that with our kids.  I could see him being competitive and wanting to beat them through the obstacle course. I could see him playing kickball or football with them.  I could see him getting down on Gracie’s level and encouraging her to keep going when she would get frustrated with something.  I could see him challenging me to race him.  I miss what was supposed to be for us.

I know this will pass.  It will still be there but the pain will go and hide for a little until something sparks it.  It is the little moments like this that sometimes bring the most pain.

So enjoy all these little moments and cherish them ❤

The Joy of Childhood

This was one of those fun-filled weekends that remind you of what childhood is all about.  It was the first official weekend of the summer season or is that the 4th of July?  Either way, it kicked off all the outdoor gatherings.  The kids were dirty from head to toe. My tub is stained from dirt. Their clothes and shoes are filthy.  They went to bed exhausted and the sound of snoring filled the hallway.


Without the help of any adults, the kids entertained themselves and without technology.  It was entertainment the way we all grew up.  All on their own, they organized themselves into teams and played many backyard games we grew up playing with our friends….football, kickball, baseball, and tag.  There was no fighting.  These words never were spoken:

I’m bored.

It’s not fair.

You can’t play.

Can I have my ipad?

It was just filled with a lot of laughter!  Laughter that I feel is missing so much with kids.  We live in a technological focused world.  Our kids love it.  We love it.  But not having it or constantly checking on it the past few days was wonderful!

For the first time in what seemed like forever, parents were relaxed and not worrying about what the kids were getting themselves into.  No one was worrying about supervising a game.  We all got to enjoy our time and enjoy watching kids be kids.

So I am thinking, this is going to have to be something that occurs more often these upcoming summer months.  I want this summer to be filled with a lot of memories and joy of childhood.  I want them to be dirty.  I want them to pass out as soon as their heads hit the pillow. I want to hear the laughter.  I want their knees stained with dirt.  Maybe just maybe this is the answer to my summer sanity problem!


Thank You



Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve our country.  The many sacrifices you have made and continue to make without hesitation deserves more than a simple “Thank You”.

And to your loved ones….thank you!  Your sacrifices often go unnoticed.  You give up so much and live a life filled with many uncertainties when your loved one leaves to serve our country. Thank you.

Happy Memorial Day!

Where Oh Where

For all the moms of rough and tough boys~


Where Oh Where are~

All the books for them to learn to read that are not just super hero based.  What about the sports lover?  Or the science lover?

My son struggles with reading.  He wants to read.  He wants to read about sports.  He does not want to read about super heroes. They are not his thing.  He doesn’t want to read about Biscuit.  He doesn’t want to read about Scooby Doo (although he will).  He doesn’t want to read about things that do not interest him because they are written on his instructional level.  He wants that Sports Illustrated or that book about the Steelers or Peyton Manning.  He wants to read about football and baseball.  But many of these books are for more advanced readers or they are board books for infants.

So what are moms like us to do?  I have searched and searched and found nothing.  I have asked the librarian at his school. Unfortunately all the books are above not just his instructional but his grade level as well.  I wish I was talented enough to create my own children’s book series for the rough and tough boys.  The boys who struggle with reading and who have interests other than the books out there.

Summer Camps that are for our tough and rough boys.  

I’m sorry there is no way my rough and tough boy is going to enjoy a camp that says it is for sport loving boys and you incorporate singing and acting into it. Although certain days he would love it!  I can’t find anything for my son to do this summer that is strictly for his sports loving personality.  All of the sports camps are for older boys or the very young.  Well that is fantastic but what about the middle aged boys?  These boys need to get their energy out and they want to play and play hard.

School is ending in 8 days and all I have set for this rough and tough boy is tutoring.  Oh the mommy guilt!  I need a Hail Mary!!!!


A Friday Funny

Was fortunate to have a proud mommy moment that was really only a matter of time until something like this happened.  We all know that our children can be completely unfiltered at times.  And some times those unfiltered moments are at our expense.  Well it was my moment….

On Wednesday, Gracie attended her preschool’s Wacky Wednesday.  This is a non-school day where they have a theme for the morning. So she is hanging out with her little friends and they decided to play in the kitchen area.  There were a handful of them and they were discussing what they would like to drink.  You know where I am going with this right?!??

My sweet, innocent daughter decided to announce her beverage of choice this wonderful Wacky Wednesday and yes you guessed it, she very confidently says~

I’ll have a glass of wine.

Yup.  She DID say that loud enough for her fantastic teachers to hear.  And yes they were not surprised at all because they all know me so well!

images (91)

So we all had a great laugh about this and I was getting cute little posts on my FaceBook timeline about it.  I have to say it didn’t surprise me nor mortify me.  It actually made my entire week!  I am still laughing about it!  I am just grateful she didn’t do her normal cheer that she has done in public~

Cheers for beers!