Moving On….


This quote is exactly what I am starting to realize.  I have known it for some time. I think it just takes the last straw to break for you to come to face the fact.  You finally decide to be done with it completely no matter what the circumstance is.

I am finally at terms with this in regards to people in my past.  They are in my past for a reason.  The final straw was broken.  I think it was broken for a while but because of other factors I was feeling the need to remain cordial.  But after yet another insult to my intelligence and a conscious one I am sure, I am done.  People can play games all they want but I am not playing.  I am not going to stand by anymore and allow it to affect me.  I am ending it.  I have put up with enough and I am trying to be a good role model for my children.  I am over the passive aggressive behavior and how I allow it to affect me.

Moving on….

One thought on “Moving On….

  1. Nothing better than cleaning house, there comes a time when you are just sick of moving that pile from one side of the room to the other…just grab the garbage bag and dump away 🙂

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