Super Powers

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While watching The IncrediblesElla looks up and asks if I could have any superpower(s) what would I want it to be.  It would be hard to pick just one. Ella knew which ones she wanted right off the bat~ invisibility, speed, and cleaning powers.  So I started to think about what superpower(s) I would want but realized as a parent, I already have some.  But the one superpower I would want is….the ability to clap my hands and be where I needed to be and get finished what I needed to complete.

How great would that be~ a clap of a hand and…

House is clean

At two places at once

Grocery shopping done

Dinner cooked

Laundry is washed, dried, folded, AND put away!

Errands completed

Work done

My list could go on and on with what the simple power of clapping your hands could do for me- for many of us!

If you could have just ONE Superpower, what would it be?

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