Discovery of “New” Toys

This past weekend I took Hunter to get his haircut.  Really exciting-huh?!??  After we sign him in, we sit down and all of a sudden Gracie notices something is different about the waiting area.  She whispers in my ear “Look they have toys!”  Well that made her happy while she had to wait all of 20 minutes for Hunter to be finished with his cut.  We get in the van and she just kept talking about the kitchen and how much fun she had playing with it.  I reminded her that we have one (actually 2) at home for her to play with.  Well you would have thought it was her birthday or something!  Her eyes lit up and she squeals while asking me if I could bring it back up from the basement for her.


Thus began the discovery of “new” toys that have been put away and what has made for some wonderful days filled with true playing from not just Gracie but all three of the kids.  They have had tea parties, played restaurant, and played house.  They have rediscovered a doll house and the girls have been playing endlessly with it and they come and visit Hunter’s football and baseball fields for games.  The dolls are being played with once again.  This is making me so happy!



I am enjoying how technology has been “forgotten” and they are just playing and playing with each other.  I have been able to sit down this past Sunday afternoon and actually read!  I can’t tell you the last time I was able to read a real book with the kids up and not being interrupted.  This type of play is so important and one that I am enforcing this summer.  OK I may be pushing for how long this will last but a mom can dream.

I am beginning to think about the “new” treasures that I have packed away that may need to reappear a month from now when school let’s out.  So moms, dads, caregivers….get down in those basements or up in those attacks and get those “new” toys ready for summer break!


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