Open Mouth Insert Foot

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Sometimes I would like to stick my foot in my mouth.  I know a lot of us feel that way after we say something we probably shouldn’t have or needed to be said.  I seem to always feel the need, whenever I am asked about Hunter in regards to his age & grade, to ALWAYS say that I held him back and mention his speech delay.

I was just asked this past weekend from a fellow parent on his football team if he was in first grade.  I should have simply answered with a yes and be done.  But I answered with “Yes because I held him back.”  Then after I said it, I not only wanted to kick myself but at the same time I wanted to give the reason why I held him back.  I wanted them to know he is extremely smart and that I didn’t hold him back for sports either (yes I know people who have done this with their sons).  I held him back because he has a speech delay.


Seriously why?

It is no one’s business why my son is 8 yrs. old and in first grade.  I know this and yet I still feel like I need to defend it or almost stick up for him or my reason.  I think part of it is because I know that when people hear him speak and look at how big he is it may make people do a double take in their mind.  And I know he is extremely aware of the fact that he should be ending second grade and not first grade.  I think that reason bothers me just as much as it bothers him.  Not because I am ashamed for him.  But because I know kids can be cruel and I know how hard he works to be successful in school.

So from now on I am setting a good example for him, as well as my daughters, that we don’t always need to give a reason for things. It is OK to simply answer with a yes or a no.  Hopefully they will learn sooner than I have that it doesn’t matter what others think all the time.  What matters is being a good person on the inside and outside and treating others with respect and kindness.



One thought on “Open Mouth Insert Foot

  1. totally get this. I held Jake back and have stopped answering why. (not sports) So many judgements come with this!

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