Summer Sanity

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As summer approaches I am trying to get everything organized the best I can so when I have all 3 of the kids home for majority of the day, every day.  Do you come up with some sort of summer schedule?

I am trying to decide if it is something I need to try this summer.  I feel like I need to for a few reasons.

1.  Consistency

We all know how kids thrive on consistency.  Do I want the same thing every single day?  Absolutely not!  But I know there are things I want them to be held accountable for every single day.

2.  Sanity

I need to have something in place as some sort of guideline for my own sanity.  I can’t do a free for all every day this summer.  I can see it now.  And I can already start to feel the stress.

3.  Work

I work from home and I will need time to focus on clients as well as clients’ trips that are coming up. This will require some time throughout the day.  I know it will be adjustment for the kids.  But they need to know there will be times that they need to be self-sufficient and NOT fight or destroy the house while I work.

4.  Fun

I want so much to get back to having fun with my kids.  I just see the time passing me by and I don’t want to miss out on making fun memories.  And I don’t mean memories that require spending money either.  Just good ole fashion fun…play outside together, go to the creek, etc.

I think I am struggling with implementing this because it all looks great in theory but the work that needs to be put into it…I can be so lazy sometimes.  But aren’t we all?  But my kids are all changing in their own ways.  I see their changes affecting each other and the dynamics of our family. It happens. My children are close in age but it is starting to affect them because of maturity levels. Each of them are struggling in their own way to understand this too.  So I need to suck it up and put forth the effort or this summer is going to be a tough one.

What are some things all of you do to help make the summer enjoyable for everyone?

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