What do you do when the usual consequences for inappropriate behavior no longer has an effect on your child?

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I feel like this is happening more and more in my house. I’m at a complete loss. I’m fairly consistent with my discipline. I mean what I say and follow through. It is extremely rare that I do not follow through. So why do my kids seem to not even be the least bit affected by a consequence?

I have taken their most prized possessions away. And up until recently for days, sometimes weeks at a time. It was suggested to me, by a therapist, that my consequences have to hit them where it hurts however every day it’s a clean slate. For example, the number one thing that really hurts is the loss of technology. Which I am all for especially since it seems to be the culprit behind many of the issues. So prior to the clean slate rule, depending on the crime, they would lose it anywhere from a day to a month. NO EFFECT. Using the clean slate rule- NO EFFECT. I’m ready to throw in the towel. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m at the point that, particularly technology, will be gone forever. But then I see a whole other issue starting…lying and sneaking it.

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I am contemplating a few things for the summer especially because they will be in each other’s faces and they love to push each other’s buttons.  I asked the kids for some ideas.  Surprisingly Hunter would like to focus on “filling each other’s buckets”.  I had the idea of using a program they use at school called “The Leader in Me” and utilizing the 7 Habits they have been taught all year.  And then there is my oldest and sweetest daughter who would like to use the traffic light method….I couldn’t help but laugh!  But once again consequences, consequences, consequences!?!!  Of course I ask them and they say what has been in place and ineffective.

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I would love to hear suggestions that may have worked for you or even things you have tried and failed at when disciplining has gone wrong.

3 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. I have been feeling the same way lately. Nothing seems to really “get to them”.

    Today in frustration I told them I am cancelling the Disney trip and going alone to Ireland….suddenly the idea does not sound half bad…..LOL

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