Where Oh Where

For all the moms of rough and tough boys~


Where Oh Where are~

All the books for them to learn to read that are not just super hero based.  What about the sports lover?  Or the science lover?

My son struggles with reading.  He wants to read.  He wants to read about sports.  He does not want to read about super heroes. They are not his thing.  He doesn’t want to read about Biscuit.  He doesn’t want to read about Scooby Doo (although he will).  He doesn’t want to read about things that do not interest him because they are written on his instructional level.  He wants that Sports Illustrated or that book about the Steelers or Peyton Manning.  He wants to read about football and baseball.  But many of these books are for more advanced readers or they are board books for infants.

So what are moms like us to do?  I have searched and searched and found nothing.  I have asked the librarian at his school. Unfortunately all the books are above not just his instructional but his grade level as well.  I wish I was talented enough to create my own children’s book series for the rough and tough boys.  The boys who struggle with reading and who have interests other than the books out there.

Summer Camps that are for our tough and rough boys.  

I’m sorry there is no way my rough and tough boy is going to enjoy a camp that says it is for sport loving boys and you incorporate singing and acting into it. Although certain days he would love it!  I can’t find anything for my son to do this summer that is strictly for his sports loving personality.  All of the sports camps are for older boys or the very young.  Well that is fantastic but what about the middle aged boys?  These boys need to get their energy out and they want to play and play hard.

School is ending in 8 days and all I have set for this rough and tough boy is tutoring.  Oh the mommy guilt!  I need a Hail Mary!!!!


2 thoughts on “Where Oh Where

  1. There is a book called “The Dangerous Book for Boys” or something like that. It has really short chapters, and it is almost like a survivor guide for boys, written in really simple and basic language, and teaches them all sorts of interesting stuff, how to build a fire, and those kinds of skills, down to all sorts of random facts. My son also liked Geronimo Stilton series. They are kind of silly, but easy reads. Hang in there mama!

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