The Joy of Childhood

This was one of those fun-filled weekends that remind you of what childhood is all about.  It was the first official weekend of the summer season or is that the 4th of July?  Either way, it kicked off all the outdoor gatherings.  The kids were dirty from head to toe. My tub is stained from dirt. Their clothes and shoes are filthy.  They went to bed exhausted and the sound of snoring filled the hallway.


Without the help of any adults, the kids entertained themselves and without technology.  It was entertainment the way we all grew up.  All on their own, they organized themselves into teams and played many backyard games we grew up playing with our friends….football, kickball, baseball, and tag.  There was no fighting.  These words never were spoken:

I’m bored.

It’s not fair.

You can’t play.

Can I have my ipad?

It was just filled with a lot of laughter!  Laughter that I feel is missing so much with kids.  We live in a technological focused world.  Our kids love it.  We love it.  But not having it or constantly checking on it the past few days was wonderful!

For the first time in what seemed like forever, parents were relaxed and not worrying about what the kids were getting themselves into.  No one was worrying about supervising a game.  We all got to enjoy our time and enjoy watching kids be kids.

So I am thinking, this is going to have to be something that occurs more often these upcoming summer months.  I want this summer to be filled with a lot of memories and joy of childhood.  I want them to be dirty.  I want them to pass out as soon as their heads hit the pillow. I want to hear the laughter.  I want their knees stained with dirt.  Maybe just maybe this is the answer to my summer sanity problem!


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