End of an Era

This morning my last baby will be celebrating her last day of preschool.  It will be the same ice cream party style celebration that Ella and Hunter each had when they ended their school year at the very same preschool in the very same room.  I have this pain in my heart.  It isn’t because “my baby” is growing up.  See this isn’t just a preschool to me.  It is so much more.

Ella Preschool

It was the first place Ella EVER stayed without crying.  It was the first place, after the loss of Ryan, that I felt safe leaving Hunter. It was the first place where Hunter made his very first friend all on his own….his brudder.  It was the first place where Gracie, like Ella, felt happy without me.  It was the place where EVERY teacher greeted my children, and all the other children, walking down the halls by their name!  It was the place where I found comfort by amazing women who could just look at me and hug me and I felt comfortable enough to cry on their shoulders.  It was the place where the teachers knew everything about each of my children and still remember.  It was the place that watched over my children and loved them as their own.


How many people can say that about a preschool?  I don’t think many can say it.

Gracie's 1st Day Preschool

I know how lucky I was to find this place.  I know we were supposed to be there.  It was the place of comfort during the hardest time of our lives.  This is one of the many reasons why I am heartbroken that our time there has come to an end.  Only a few people understand what this place means to me.  It is like I am losing part of my family.  But I know I am not.  I know I can walk through those doors and be greeted with the most loving smiles and hugs on any given day.

My children know how lucky they were to go to such an amazing preschool.  They still talk about their teachers and will tell you they were their favorite teachers.  They are just as sad and can’t believe no one will be going there come September.

So to those amazing women….thank you.  You have no idea what all of you have done for us.  You will never know how much you all mean to me.  You have given my children a love of school and a love of learning.  Thanks to all of you they started their school career feeling like they could do or be anything they set their minds to.  Thanks to all of you, they learned the true meaning of kindness and how to be a good friend.  Thanks to all of you, they felt safe after a tragedy their little minds couldn’t wrap their head around.  Thanks to all of you, I felt safe leaving them.  Thanks to all of you, we were able to start the long road toward healing.





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